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Image of The Island Challenge logo Will the staff team of The Island Challenge adventure abandon me on the island?

You’ll be alone with your group of contestants on the island but we will be you throughout your whole adventure. A medical team (nurse(s)) and locals will be able to reach the island  if anything were to happen.
Image of The Island Challenge logo Do the contestants have departures from any country in the world?

Yes, the adventurers will be able to get to Cambodia from anywhere in the world. Flights will depart from your place of origin and take you to Phnom Penh where you will meet the team and the other contestants. From there, the contestants will be transferred by private transport (land and sea) to the deserted island.
Image of The Island Challenge logo Can I combine the Island Challenge experience with other touristic activities in the area?

Yes, of course, you have the possibility of combining the Island Challenge with relaxing days anywhere you want, visiting other places in the area, visiting historical monuments, shopping and any other interesting activities offered by tour operators before or after the adventure.
Image of The Island Challenge logo Which languages will be used during The Island Challenge?

During the Adventure, English will be the language mostly used. Our staff speaks different languages; you will also be able to communicate in French. Anyway, for those who don’t speak English. English is not required to be able to enjoy the adventure. The main skill is not the language but the survival skill!
Image of The Island Challenge logo Does The Island Challenge guarantee that we will be the only people on the island?

The Island Challenge islands are private, but we cannot guarantee one hundred per cent maximum privacy on them. Many of the islands around are state-owned. Thus, it is impossible to control the access of local fishermen. However, The Island Challenge has worked conscientiously to select the most beautiful deserted islands and feel absolutely isolated compared to any other form of beach tourism.
Image of The Island Challenge logo Are the adventures individual or happen in groups?

The first day of the adventure you will be dropped on the virgin island with the other contestants (between 10 to 14 people). The Island Challenge adventurers will compete alone most of the time during the games, but some games will be played in groups.
Image of The Island Challenge logo What kind of people can participate to The Island Challenge ?

The nature lover, the survival enthusiast, the sportsman and the one who wants to escape everyday life will enjoy the adventures. The perfect contestant simply needs a beautiful secluded beach, loves competition and the idea of survival in an exotic country.
Image of The Island Challenge logo What am I allowed to take with me to the island?

You can take only a few personal things:
– 1 cap/hat
– 1 long-sleeve shirt and 1 long-sleeve sweat shirt
– 1 pair of underwear and 1 pair of socks
– 1 pair of sneakers or equivalent
– 1 swimsuit
– 1 pair of shorts and 1 pair of sweatpants
– 1 bottle of sunscreen
– 1 bottle of insect repellent spray
– 1 pair of sunglasses
Image of The Island Challenge logo During my adventure where can I store my suitcase and luggage?

At the departure to the Island, your luggage will be secured with a padlock and sealed with wrapping plastic film to protect it from humidity. We will store it in a safe place and will give it back to you at the end of your adventure.
Image of The Island Challenge logo How we can eat and drink on the Island?

The concept of the Island Challenge is to get back to the roots and survive on the Island. Cambodia is hot and humid so we will supply one Camping flask of water to each contestant and water tank at the beginning. Your priority will be to find the food by yourself in the nature: fruits, vegetables, roots, fish and crustaceans. Having a fire is entirely up to you and your skills.
Image of The Island Challenge logo What are the games of the Island Challenge?

The games have been designed to allow everyone to demonstrate their abilities. There are endurance games, skill games, balance games and strength games. We wanted to offer a range of games to play in teams or individually.
Image of The Island Challenge logo How the points are calculated?

The classic format of The Island Challenge is a 7-day competition and survival challenge on a island. 10 to 14 candidates will compete in individual or team contests. At the end of each day, we will ask the candidates to score only one adventurer of their choice between 0 and -1, knowing that the winners of the challenges of the day will be untouchable. At the end of the 6 days, the 4 candidates who will count the highest number of points will be selected for the final in 2 phases (on the 7th day). Victory will depends either on your personal performance in the various missions we give you or on the mark of the contestants who will also have the power to challenge your adventure. You will have to perform physically to move forward in the competition but you will also have to be strategic in your relationships with others. At the end, only one Island Challenger will get the money prize of 3000US$.
Image of The Island Challenge logo Can I abandon before the end of the competition?

This is, of course, not the goal but if you want to give up you can do it any time during the adventure. You have 2 options:
– Be transferred to another Island where you can continue your adventure but out of the competition. You can either continue to catch your food by yourself (a fishing kit will be provided) or you can get basic food (vegetable, rice…) from our staff which you will cook by yourself.
– Be transferred to the main land. We can arrange a taxi ride at your expense to bring you back to Phnom Penh or to any other destination of your choice. The adventure is over for you!
Image of The Island Challenge logo How can I pay for The Island Challenge?

The Island Challenge’s fee can be paid online through our website.
Image of The Island Challenge logo Are the international flights included in the price?

No. International flights are not included in the package fee. Your flight to Cambodia will be at your own expenses. However, the round trip from Phnom Penh to the Island is included (except if the contestant gives up the competition).
Image of The Island Challenge logo I won the Island Challenge! How do I receive my prize?

The winner will have the choice. The prize can be given in cash at the end of the final test or by bank transfer to the account of the winner. (The Island Challenge is not responsible for bank charges and exchange rates applied by the bank).
Image of The Island Challenge logo How I can find you when I arrive in Cambodia?

The meeting point will be in our hotel in downtown Phnom Penh. The Island Challenge team will provide you all the information upon reservation. The transfer from Phnom Penh airport to the hotel will be arranged by the Island challenge. Make sure that you provide all of your flight details to our Reservations team.
Image of The Island Challenge logo What dangers do I face on the islands?

For most people, ‘tropical island’ is synonymous with tigers, snakes, sharks and so on. The truth is that the uninhabited islands are safe places where there aren’t any tigers, sharks are not a threat and snakes don’t go near humans. To give you an idea, the greatest danger a person can face on a desert island is of a coconut falling on his/her head!
Image of The Island Challenge logo Do I have to take a travel insurance?

A travel insurance including repatriation is mandatory to participate in the Island Challenge.
Image of The Island Challenge logo In case of an emergency, are there any hospitals near the islands?

A medical team (nurse(s)) will stay on the island next to yours. A local hospital can be reached in less than 20 minutes, the nearest international standard hospital is in Phnom Penh (4-5 hours by car/ambulance).
Image of The Island Challenge logo Do the islands have good marine life and coral reefs for good snorkeling?

Our island overflows with coral reefs teeming with marine fauna and flora. You’ll get the chance to pay them a visit underwater if you manage to find the fishing kit/snorkeling equipment during the challenge.

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