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Who are we?

Our passion for outdoor sport activities and extreme sports, our love for truly unspoilt Cambodian nature, the goal of reaching the most beautiful secluded beaches, to surpass ourselves in physical and mental challenges, all made us undertake our dream of organizing this fascinating adventure game:
The Island Challenge.

Today we wish to share our passion with other enthusiasts craving untouched white sand beaches and wilderness. Those passionate challengers will have the opportunity to enjoy this adventure in the most secret places with the maximum safety. The Island Challenge promotes the respect of the environment and the values of transcending yourself.

Extreme sports Sport extremes Deportes extremos

Benoit graduated from the Management School of Tours, France. His early career brings him to Madagascar where he worked as Country Manager for an electricity company and will later be awarded of the “Grand Prix VIE Madagascar 2013” (International Business Volunteer). The young man then decides to keep travelling around the world and moves to Cambodia where he works as a manager for the main South East Asian wine importer.

Sailing instructor for several years, kite surfer, runner and trekking enthusiast Benoit is defined by his need to live in harmony with nature.

Extreme sports Sport extremes Deportes extremos

Alexandre is passionate about travels and entrepreneurship.

His career starts in 2009 when he creates “Success Permis”, a low cost solution of driving school car rentals in France. Four years later, he lands in Cambodia and opens Tamu Hotel on the Cambodian coast of Sihanoukville, Otres 2. Always looking for the next challenge, Alexandre starts learning Kitesurfing and other extreme sports such as climbing, combat and trekking. The young entrepreneur is fuelled by competition and already secretly dreams of his own Survivor challenge.

Logo of the Island Challenge the dream experience for the extreme sports lovers

Logo of the Island Challenge the dream experience for the extreme sports lovers

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